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Affordable Burial Insurance

One of the most challenging parts of getting older or facing a serious illness can be planning for the future that your loved ones will have once you are gone. It’s an incredibly morbid thought to consider that you’ll no longer be here. Add to that the fact that there will be a funeral or celebration of life, burial, or cremation, and other financial implications after you have passed.
However, it’s a fact of life that everyone must face. Those who truly plan accordingly can mitigate the financial burden on their families by selecting affordable burial insurance policies to meet their needs.

What Is Final Expense Insurance or Burial Insurance?
Burial insurance isn’t typically sold separately, confusing many people. According to an article in Nerd Wallet“…burial insurance is simply a common way to refer to a small whole life insurance policy — generally $5,000 to $20,000 — that’s purchased so beneficiaries have money to pay for a funeral.”
Many people refer to this whole life insurance as funeral or burial insurance is a type of insurance that people use strictly to cover the cost of a funeral, memorial service, burial, or cremation for their loved one. Most people will purchase this insurance themselves and designate their next of kin as their beneficiary, so that once they have passed, their end of life wishes can be carried out, without putting undue financial stress on the ones they love the most.
So, for most people, when you’re looking for funeral insurance or final expenses insurance, you’ll be looking for a small life insurance policy.

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Is it Necessary to Have Final Expenses insurance?

Funeral final expenses

It really just depends. Sometimes, people will designate that their beneficiaries use their standard life insurance for this type of expense. But some people really want their loved ones to be able to get the whole amount of their regular life insurance, so they will purchase a smaller type of whole life insurance to serve as their burial or end of life insurance. Then, loved ones can use that policy to cover such expenses as:

  • Memorial services, complete with refreshments and a venue to hold the service
  • Funeral services, complete with car services to a burial site
  • Coffins and burial fees, to cover the cost of labor to dig the plot and maintenance, as well as the actual plot of land
  • Cremations, to cover the cost of cremation and an urn or box to hold the ashes in

So, for many, the final expense policy is an absolute necessity. Leaving their loved ones to cover the costs of their burial and other expenses is just not an option, and they want to ensure there is plenty of money set aside to cover these necessities.

The Cost of Final Expenses Insurance

Most burial insurance plans are around $25,000 or less.  But that isn’t the end of the world, because these are whole life policies and as a result, they DO NOT expire.

Can I Get Affordable Burial Insurance on Home Health Care?

Now that we’ve covered what burial insurance policy is, it’s time to look at how you can get it affordably if you can get it at all. There are instances where insurance companies might flag your application because you are on home health care. Obviously, those aren’t the companies for you. But how can you get this necessary insurance?

How Does Guaranteed Life Insurance Help

In most cases, the type of life insurance for burial expenses that requires no waiting period is often ruled out for patients who are on home health care. Many companies shy away from accepting patients who are using home health care for their day to day well-being because they are a much higher risk than other patients. 

The chances of one of these patients passing away soon are much higher than someone who has no other health conditions. Therefore, many patients will not be approved for final expenses insurance without a waiting period.

If you are not approved for this type of burial insurance policy, don’t worry. There is still guaranteed life insurance available from reputable companies in the industry. These companies offer guaranteed life insurance with a waiting period. Typically, the time that one must wait is around 24 months. After the time period is up, the patient will be approved for the final expense insurance they have applied for.

Depending on the life insurance company you have applied with, premiums can vary widely from person to person, especially for those on home health care. Make sure that you are doing your research, and contacting reputable insurance companies to find the best rate to meet your needs. It can be time-consuming but is well worth it if you need final expense health insurance on home health care.

Funeral Insurance Costs & Premiums 

Burial insurance cost

According to your age, policy size, current health status, and gender, the insurance carriers determine the burial insurance cost. Since every provider and insured is different, it makes sense to ask for personalized quotes from various providers. Here are some estimates of what you can expect to pay as a premium.

Monthly Premium Rates for Men with $5,000 Death Benefit

AgeIn Good HealthNo Health Questions
Estimated rates are not the Rates of any particular life insurance company.

Monthly Premium Rates for Men with $10,000 Death Benefit

AgeIn Good HealthNo Health Questions
Estimated rates are not the Rates of any particular life insurance company.

Monthly Premium Rates for Women with $5,000 Death Benefit

AgeIn Good HealthNo Health Questions
Estimated rates are not the Rates of any particular life insurance company.

Monthly Premium Rates for Women with $10,000 Death Benefit

AgeIn Good HealthNo Health Questions
Estimated rates are not the Rates of any particular life insurance company.

Typically, women pay lesser premiums than men for similar coverage. However, rates increase with age, irrespective of other factors. 

Average Funeral Expense Coverage

The average funeral expense coverage varies from $5000 to $20,000. Mostly, you can find suitable policies for $10,000 for men and women. However, you need to consider the funeral expenses you want to be covered by the burial insurance policy and see if you need extra for paying off debts. 

End of Life Celebration Costs

Types of burial insurance

The first thing that everyone should consider when looking for affordable burial insurance policies is the cost of your end of life needs. For most people, the average costs of a funeral with a burial or cremation will be between $5,000 and $15,000. This varies based on many aspects, but the typical average funeral with a burial is $7,000, and the typical average funeral with cremation is around $6,000.

A burial will tend to cost slightly more than a cremation for many reasons. First of all, burials require the purchase of a casket. Depending on the casket selected, costs can go through the roof. A tombstone is also a typical requirement when it comes to burial, and these can also vary widely in their costs. Burial insurance or funeral insurance will need to be enough to cover these costs.

Cremations are usually not as expensive as a burial, because a cask will not need to be purchased, and neither will a tombstone. Most people select a small box or an urn for their ashes to be kept in, so costs are much more minimal compared to a large casket.

Burial Insurance Premiums for Those in Home Health Care Maybe Higher

Suppose you are on home health care and are shopping around for burial insurance policies. In that case, it is important to remember that you may have to pay higher premiums for your insurance than others who do not have any conditions will pay. This ensures that you can lock in the amount of burial insurance that your loved ones will have to honor your end of life needs, as well as possibly have some left over so that they can have some peace of mind as they grieve.

It is important to remember that while there may be more hoops with final expenses insurance when you are on home health care, it is well worth the cost to keep your loved ones from paying massive amounts of money out of pocket for your funeral and burial expenses.

Home health care does not have to be a deterrent for the insurance that you need. Find the best insurance provider and work with an independent agent for a straightforward process. 

How to Choose the Right Option?

If you want to ensure that your loved ones have plenty of funds to cover your end of life wishes, your best bet when shopping for affordable burial insurance policies is to carefully plot out exactly how you want your end of life celebration or funeral to go. 

This can be pretty scary for some people. Facing death is not easy, so consider sitting down with someone you love to do this together. It can be helpful to have a loved one there to hold your hand and to help you think of all aspects of how you want the people you’ve held dear to honor you.

After you’ve tallied the type of burial you need, whom you want, or set up ground work for your after-life wishes, you will now have a ballpark figure to shoot for when shopping around for end-of-life insurance.

How Can You Find the Best Quotes and Buy a Policy Online

Burial insurance quotes

Now, it’s time to start shopping. Look around at the various policies out there and make sure that you are choosing the amount of money you love to carry out your wishes. It’s also essential to look at the types of life insurance available. A “term life insurance” policy will not work here, as this will only last a set number of years. A whole life policy sold as a “simplified issue” or “guaranteed acceptance policy” may seem like the best choice because they do not require a health or medical exam, but these policies often don’t pay out the full amount if you pass away within the first few years of purchasing the policy.

A “fully underwritten” policy is often a good choice as affordable burial insurance, as it will pay out the full amount on your death, no matter when it is. These policies do require a health exam, so this is another factor to consider.

Facing the eventually that we all will one day pass away can be very difficult, but doing so and planning your end of life wishes, as well as purchasing affordable burial insurance or final expenses insurance to cover the costs, can genuinely help to give the ones you love peace of mind once you have passed away. 

Pros and Cons of Burial Insurance

Though a burial plan gives your family the financial support to plan your funeral as per your desires, it has some drawbacks, too. Here are the pros and cons of final expenses insurance:


  • Easy application process than life insurance policies
  • Less or no health questions
  • Medical exam not needed
  • Allows pre-arrangement for funeral services by paying ahead
  • Accumulates cash value


  • Lesser benefits than life insurance
  • Without health questions, you will get no discounts for your sound health
  • Rate of the premium is much higher
  • Premium amount may be higher than the actual burial costs
  • Leaves little to no money after paying off funeral expenses

What Are the Types of Funeral Insurance Plans?

You may find two main types of funeral final expenses plans. They are:

1. Standard Funeral Insurance Plan

It comes as a whole life insurance policy, where coverage amount is paid to beneficiaries after a loved one’s death. It can be used to pay for funeral home services, casket, transportation, headstone, grace vault, urn, and cremation.

The beneficiary may use the same funds for paying off the debts or expenses owed by the deceased. They include medical bills, credit card balances, legal services, or mortgages. 

2. Pre-Need Funeral Insurance Plan

This type of funeral insurance is offered by life insurance carriers or some funeral homes, too. The fund directly goes to the funeral home, and they are immediately paid out after someone’s passing. In this case, if you end up paying more for your plan than actual funeral expenses, your beneficiaries won’t get the difference. 

Types of Funeral Insurance Premiums

Stepped Premiums

Increase every year since they are calculated upon policy renewal depending on your age, sex, or death benefits. 

Leveled Premiums

Set up according to your age, sex, and policy size with rates locked-in for life. As long as you pay them, the rates won’t increase.

Capped Premiums

Set an age or monetary limit, when you don’t have to pay the premiums anymore. The coverage remains the same. 

Payout Guarantee Premiums

The payouts are higher of the original insured sum or the exact premium amount you’ve paid. 

How Should You Plan a Burial?

Affordable burial insurance

Should You Choose Burial or Cremation?

The first thing to consider is whether you would like to be buried or cremated. As stated above, cremation is usually not as expensive as a burial. Honestly, think about how you want your body to be taken care of after your death, as this is one of the most significant factors affecting the cost of your burial insurance policy.

What Type of Service Do You Want?

Once you’ve decided on a burial or cremation, consider how you want these to be carried out. Do you want your ashes sprinkled in your favorite vacation spot or in the lake you’ve visited every year since you were a kid? Do you want to be buried in a lavish casket in your favorite gown? Whatever your wishes are, list them and then research how much the choice you have made will cost.

After doing that, think about whether you want an intimate gathering of your closest friends or a large funeral with lots of food and drinks. The services after you have passed away are also a huge factor in your burial insurance needs.

How to Find the Most Reliable Providers

If you need final expense insurance, start now by researching the top companies available for your needs. Know that you may end up paying higher premiums, and be aware that there may be up to a 24-month waiting period in order to get guaranteed life insurance for final expenses.

Simply find a respected company who will work with you, and look at you as more than just a patient, but as a real person with the need to protect their loved ones after they have passed away. Get the protection you need at the most affordable rates possible online today. You can take help from independent insurance agents like us to ease this process and make it quick.

What Are the Alternatives to Burial Insurance?

Final expenses insurance

Though you may rely on life insurance to cover the final expenses, these policies have other preferences, requirements, and qualifications. For example:

Term Insurance

It provides coverage for a limited time and you need to buy another policy after that period to extend the coverage. If you pass away without the policy renewal, there are no policy protection benefits. Also, the costs get higher as you age.

Universal Life Insurance

The universal life policies rely on fluctuating interest rates. It implies as the rates increase, the policy’s value also grows and vice versa. 

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance

Since they have no underwriting, the costs are higher than traditional whole life insurance. But, these policies are excellent options for those who can’t find standard life insurance coverage. 


1. Do You Need Funeral Insurance?

When you die, your family is left with all of your debts and final expenses. Reports have it that over 500,000 families are currently seeking money online through sites like GOFUNDME.com to cover the burial of a loved one.

The funeral final expenses continue to rise, and all of the burial costs can easily equal $12,000 or more, which can bury a family. A burial plan gives your family the funding they need to either have you cremated or put you under the ground.

2. What Costs Do Burial Insurance Cover?

It covers the final expenses like casket, urn, memorial service, and cremation, or burial. Also, beneficiaries can pay off some debts and outstanding bills with this fund.

3. How Much Final Expense Insurance Do You Need?

The average funeral costs may be $7000-$10,000. So, final expenses insurance with this much coverage will work in most cases. 

4. Can You Convert a Life Insurance to Burial Insurance?

You can use life insurance to pay the final expenses but can’t convert it into burial insurance. 

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