About Insurance for Final Expense

Who we are and why we exist. Why is Gary P. Cubeta the absolute BEST choice for your Final Expense Burial coverage? Read on to learn more about Insurance for Final Expense

InsuranceforFinalExpense.com is recognized as an independent agent (which means we can offer folks more than once carrier) for Final Expense insurance for either cremation or burial.

The advantage to not being limited to ONE carrier (for example State Farms), is that we have the ability to offer our clients the BEST possible options.  We deal with MANY carriers. We can potentially save you hundreds of dollars each year, with increased death benefits.

It’s true, none of us want to die, but since we are all going to pass, at least you can have the maximum coverage in place (for the lowest price) so your loved ones won’t be burdened.

We also have the freedom to educate our clients.  Because we’re independent, we represent over 15 different very highly rated carriers. We are free to pick and choose the absolute best option for you (with your input of course).

Plus we are friendly.  We understand the anxiety involved with planning for final expense.  Some folks just want to sign you up and walk out your door (or get you off the phone).  We are different.  We have a long term relationship with your clients that leads to an abundance of repeat business.

And we never use high pressure selling.  We don’t need to.  Folks are waiting in line to work with an agency that puts the client first.  Everything else takes care of itself.

This is our mission.  To serve our clients.  To give them what they need and want.

If we work with an agent that does not meet our standards, they are gone.  They must exude confidence born from experience.  They must put all of our clients needs first. 

Unique Skills and Qualifications

Insurance for Final Expense is your single most qualified source for final expense coverage.

1)      All we do is final expense coverage.  While many agencies offer all sorts of different policies, we believe our clients deserve specialists who will serve their needs.

2)      We are independent.  We don’t answer to anyone aside from our clients.  We are free to offer the absolute best packages available.  Some clients spend as little as HALF what they would spend elsewhere, for even more coverage.

Final Expense Insurance that makes SENSE

The truth is, most burial insurance has been sold within the home.  Some pushy agent, possibly with only weeks of experience, comes to your door and tries to power their way in.  Once they are in the home, good luck getting rid of them.  Some of them are willing to sit there for hours trying to sell you the most overpriced policy imaginable.

It’s all wrong.

And it’s not comfortable.  It’s a process out of the 1960’s.

We do it VERY differently.

We could care less about making a sale, that is until we have met all of your needs and expectations.  And we will bend over backwards doing so.

And unlike the door to door guys and gals, we handle everything over the phone from our state of the art office complex here in Scottsdale, Arizona. Potentially we serve every single state in real time, even though Hawaii with the time differences can be an overnight challenge.

Your agent will answer every question, disclose the good (an in some cases, not so good) of each and every policy and help you put together the absolute best package for you.

And we will never try and invade the privacy of your home.  The truth is, if you have an independent agent with the proper experience and knowledge things can be handled in minutes over the phone with your policy mailed to you within 7 days of initial payment. Why open your doors for a stranger, who might seem nice, but then turn into a high pressure nightmare within minutes?

We respect you.  We allow you to control the entire process.  You will be happy with us.  Our alignment is with you.  We insist on your comfort because we need you happy so we can continue to serve.

At the end of the day, you want the least expensive coverage that provides the most benefit for your loved ones.  This is our mission.  This is who we are.

The Founder

Gary P. Cubeta is the creator of InsuranceforFinalExpense.com He has been in Scottsdale, Arizona protecting folks across the country first in the investment world and now with final expense coverage since 2001.

Gary is a family man, married for 16 years and with two boys, age 8 and 14 respectively. Gary is driven. He wants to continue to see his agency grow so we can serve more folks. He wants to see an end to the high pressure door to door sales tactics and welcome in a fresher way to serve Americans.

Gary is available to clients.  While agents may work hand in hand with Gary to provide coverage to folks, Gary himself works with clients on the phones and is available on request to speak with anyone who needs his expertise.

What makes Gary and company so much different?

If you ask him, Gary will tell you straight out that selling has nothing to do with repeating scripted lines or following some new fangled sales process.

Gary believes agents who have to resort to those measures probably shouldn’t be licensed in the first place.  Selling time share might be a more fitting career for many of them.

Gary has never used a script on the phone while talking to clients. The truth is Gary was handed scripts years ago when he studied under those who drafted him into the business. The truth is, those scripts soon found their way into the paper shredder.   He believes in one on one communication with a natural flow, providing facts and benefits that lead clients to want we products we have to offer.

Gary also believes that sadly many insurance selling schemes (on the sales end of things) are a con job.  You see, there are many who are willing to use inexperienced agents to sell their less than worthy products.  We see this as the single biggest drawback to insurance in general.

Gary will have none of that.  His believe is that you must connect with your clients.  You must feel what they feel.  You must inform.  You must be generous with your expertise.  You must use what you know to help clients. Not hurt them.

You must provide VALUE. You must find folks the best policy for their needs, which means they pay as little as possible each month, and their loved ones get the best payout possible upon their passing.

There is too much anger in the world.  The only way we can do our part to stem the tide of that hostility is to exceed our clients every expectation in the field we are expert in.  We treat clients the way we would treat our own family.  This might just seem like some promising words written on paper or the web, but please, give us a chance to prove we are different.

All we want is that one shot at serving you. Please, we have plenty of business, more than we can handle at times, but just give us the opportunity to fully serve YOU.

Gary has the ability to be the greatest sales person on earth, with his natural ability to communicate and connect with people.  But to use his skills in this arena to ONLY sell would WRONG.

Gary has put aside those skills and instead focused on being a servant to his clients.  Putting their needs above all else. Don’t worry, folks still want the products we are offering, so the end result is exactly the same.

And our service does not end when folks have selected us for their coverage.

Each client is provided the personal and private phone number of the agent they have worked with, so they are free to call or text 24/7 with any questions or additions to their policy they may request.

We only ask that you call during the day, and maybe just text later at night.  Gary’s wife can get a little bit upset when the private cell phone starts ringing 2am in the morning, even if our clients are considered part of our extended family.

We love our clients as if they are family.  And we hope you will join our family as well.

If you would like further information, feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call at 1-800-400-8319.  Maybe you will get extra special luck and Gary himself will answer and serve your every need.

The goal of InsuranceForFinalExpense.com is to provide consumers with a fast and convenient way to apply and get approved for burial insurance. We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best Final Expense Insurance Rates.

We work with A+ top rated life insurance carriers to find you the lowest rates available on burial insurance.