About Insurance for Final Expense

InsuranceforFinalExpense.com is recognized as the leader for Final Expense coverage.

Truly, Final Expense Insurance that makes SENSE

The truth is, most burial insurance has been sold within the home.  Some pushy agent, possibly with only weeks of experience, comes to your door and tries to power their way in.  Once they are in the home, good luck getting rid of them.  Some of them are willing to sit with you for hours trying to sell you the most overpriced policy imaginable.

It is our belief, that getting coverage over the phone with an experienced agent, is actually a better way. More choice, better pricing and no pushy sales people. Plus it can all be done in less than 30 minutes. Sometimes even less than that.

The Founder

Gary P. Cubeta is the creator and founder of InsuranceforFinalExpense.com. His goal is to inform Americans of the absolute best coverage available in Final Expense (Burial or Cremation).

Our goal is to provide consumers with a fast and convenient way to apply and get approved for burial insurance. We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best Final Expense Insurance Rates.