Remember the 70’s? Of Course! Is AARP Burial Insurance the Best Option at 70 Years Old?

AARP Burial Insurance 70

If you are now 70 years old yourself, you remember this decade well. And you may be starting to seriously consider an AARP Burial Insurance plan at 70 years old.

It’s hard to believe it is 2020, right? Everything is different than it was 10, 20, and for sure 50 years ago. Which brings me to one of the most interesting and revolutionary decades of our times… the 1970s. It was a decade in which The Vietnam War came to a close in 1975 with the fall of Saigon. A decade in which the role of women in society was profoundly altered with growing feminism across the world. And so much more…

AARP Does So Many Great Things for Our Seniors

AARP is our country’s largest nonprofit organization with millions of members. The AARP is in the news for its lobbying efforts on behalf of senior citizens, advocating legislation to make their lives easier and their healthcare more affordable. This is all great. AARP does so much for our seniors.

But what they are not, though it may seem, is a burial or final expense insurance company. Many AARP members may assume that they are an insurance company. But they are not. AARP offers Long Term Care Options from New York Life. At 70 years old, believe me, you have much better options for burial insurance.

During the 1970’s, did anyone think they were going to die?

No. The strobe light was going around the room, everyone was dancing. It was as though the night would never end. Marriage and babies would come along during this decade too. This was the turning point in life.

But This is a Different 70’s For Seniors. It’s not the 1970’s. It is entering one’s 70s, starting with a birthday with 70 candles on the cake (hopefully it’s a big cake).

My Dad’s 70th Birthday Party

Celebrating any big decade changing Birthday can be exciting, awe inspiring and fearful at the same time. You may wonder how it is possible that all of this time and experience has brought you to this point. That’s what I realized a bit over 7 years ago, when we had my Dad’s 70th Birthday Celebration.

It was fancy, but not huge in terms of invitees. It was an intimate collection of friends and family. My Dad loves good food, especially if it involves seafood. So we reserved a private dining area at The Capital Grille in Boston. Any seafood lover’s dream in terms of a delicious meal. My Mom, brother, sister in law and the grand kids (as of that time – twins came later), close family friends… we were all there to celebrate this man’s amazing life at 70 years old.

It Was a 70th Birthday Beautiful Celebration of an Amazing Man

My father served in the Vietnam war. He experienced things none of us could imagine. Friends and comrades who died and his own injuries. His were not as severe as many with whom he served.

I am Beyond Grateful that he didn’t Lose his Life in Vietnam. Had He, I Would Not be Writing This.

My distinguished Dad’s name is Robert Martin DeGrass. I asked him what is was like not only to serve, but then to come home after the war.

This is what he told me, “When we returned, we were not celebrated, especially among protesters and the media. I returned to my hometown of Bangor, Maine where I was somewhat sheltered from the anger directed towards the soldiers. I went to the VA hospital and the doctors determined that aside from the shrapnel in my shoulder, I had no other issues. They examined me for PSTD and it was decided that I didn’t suffer from it. They were wrong. I later married, had a son and daughter and 3 grandchildren (+3 step grandchildren).”

He continued… “Although I was not initially diagnosed with PSTD, my family knew that it was there. Let me explain. A brand new soldier came into my squad one day. The following day we were up on a mountain. This new soldier was standing next to me. Enemy mortar was fired at our squad. My new comrade knelled down and was struck in the head, killing him instantly. Had he not been there, it most likely would have been me, and I wouldn’t be here to share this.”

Describing one’s experience is so difficult for any of our heroes who have served in combat. I myself lost a great friend and fallen hero far to soon in the Iraq War. Her name is Jennifer Harris. A true patriot. Jennifer was only 28 when the Sea Knight helicopter she was piloting was shot down in Iraq. It was her last mission. All seven people on board died in the crash. Her mother has since passed. Her father Raymond’s losses are impossible to explain.

Back To My Dad and why AARP is a great organization, but AARP Life Insurance might not be the best place to get coverage …

My Dad is an AARP member, and after finally being diagnosed with PSTD years after the Vietnam war ended, at about 70, he considered getting a burial insurance plan with AARP.

Let Me Give You an Example of the Difference Between AARP (New York Life Insurance) Burial Insurance and Us

Let’s take a non-smoking male who is 70 years old and wants to get a $10,000 policy.  He will pay $79.00 for that $10,000 in coverage with an AARP Final Expense Insurance policy. When you go with a company like Insurance for Final Expense, that same 70 year old man will spend as low as $61.00 per month and qualify for as much as $10,000. (Note: this quote was assessed on 1/19/2020. Rates may change) Please take a moment and check it out yourself with our online quote.

At Insurance for Final Expense, we work with multiple instant approval carriers. When picking the same day approval life insurance company, you want to make sure it is a guaranteed death benefit that will cover your funeral expense whether you are healthy or have a chronic illness.

All of these are same day approval burial insurance carriers that require no exam and no credit score check, resulting in approval in minutes. We are also able to offer this same day full life insurance with NO 2 YEAR WAITING PERIOD.

AARP only represents one life insurance carrier for 70 year olds and others… New York Life Insurance

Let’s Look at Some Sample Life Insurance Rates for 70 Year Olds when You Work with Insurance for Final Expense vs. the higher priced AARP Life Insurance:

GENDER/RATING $5,000 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000
Female No Waiting Period$28.22$53.24$78.26 $103.28
Female Tobacco No Waiting Period$37.42$72.19$108.92$144.16
Female Guaranteed Acceptance$34.83$68.75$102.67$136.58
Male No Waiting Period $38.45 $73.70 $108.95 $108.95
Male Tobacco No Waiting Period $50.49 $98.32 $146.16 $194.00
Male Guaranteed Acceptance$44.41 $87.91 $131.41 $174.90

Low Rates For Final Expense Insurance, and that means stay away from AARP Life Insurance

First of all, you have to purchase your plan from an independent agency that specializes in final expense. While buying from a company Like AARP, remember they are only selling New York Life Insurance Polices. We have great relationships with all carriers, and therefore can offer you competition. You aren’t locked into ONE company and their predetermined rates.

As an independent final expense agency, we are able to represent any insurance company we want. This allows us to source the absolute best of the best. Same coverage, much better rates. While they may not run ads on TV like AARP and others, they then pass those savings in advertising to YOU!

And we at Insurance for Final Expense work with all carriers, but we prefer the ones who pass the savings onto our customers. Some of our favorite carriers are companies like AIG, Mutual of Omaha, Sentinel Security Life, Prosperity Life Group, Great Western, Liberty Bankers and more…

Most Savvy 70 Year Olds Do Their Research when Seeking Quality, Affordable Burial Insurance. They Don’t Just Run to AARP Life Insurance and get overcharged …

AARP is a great organization. But don’t feel like you have to be railroaded into their AARP Burial Insurance policy at age 70. We have a huge pool of Final Expense Insurance companies to choose from. That means we deliver the best in comparison shopping. When you work with an independent final expense agency, we compare all of the prices from the different companies. Then we simply guide you towards which one offers you the best value.

But, when you work with a non independent agency, like John Hancock or Colonial Penn & AARP, they have no options. They have just one insurance company (in the case of AARP, you are dealing with their only provider – to choose from). That means that you are getting into a situation where there is no competition. You might as well be locked inside the salesman’s office at the big fancy car dealership. Always remember, when multiple companies compete for YOUR business, you win in every way.

If you need help with final expense insurance, it would be our honor to assist you. Please call us at 1-800-400-8319. If you would rather that we call you, just fill out the quote form on this page and a licensed agent will be in touch with you promptly.

Gary P. Cubeta
(Serving Americans In All 50 States)